One skill that climbers often learn is how to manage risk as well as fear.  Lessons for life, to be shared with others.

In this time, I hope our community is feeling strong and healthy.

With so much planned for this spring and summer, we are still in beta mode; finding the route, trying to work out the moves, and collecting our gear to ensure that we will be able to onsight the recent situation at hand.

For Our Members

Let’s start with what’s going to happen this next week. Just this week, we’ve confirmed a partnership with Venga Climb to customize a league of our own that will launch Monday, April 6th!  We are creating what I’m calling a “Friendly Gym Enduro Challenge” between Gold Crush members and Shasta Rock Club members. Once you download the Venga Climb app you will be able to join the Gold Crush team. This will be for all skill levels with challenges ranging from crimps to pull-ups to planks. Points will accumulate and be tallied at the end of April, at which point a victor will be determined and an unnecessarily large trophy will be awarded to the winning gym.  We will also have prizes specific to Gold Crush participants. This will be the first of many challenges to come.

Again, this is for members only, so stay tuned for details on the Friendly Gym Enduro with Shasta Rock Club!!

If you can’t wait to start hanging, you can join this league now!

Remember this place?

It’s a friendly place full of colorful humans, laughter and love. A place where Julian (@shytiegr) sets routes designed to dismember the most fortified of shoulders, and Tyler (@i_am_tree_top) sets beautiful lines of tendon-popping crimps that leave you feeling like you must have worn your heavy underpants.

It’s the welcoming smiles and Erica’s (@repairica) Ladies’ Night tea bar that rivals selections at FoxHound, that give Gold Crush the homegrown feel we all love so much. Don’t mind the occasional gaping fissures in the pads that swallow children, or the occasional bandaids stuck to the concrete. Gold Crush is just as it’s meant to be and maturing along with the rest of us.

And it’s days like our “May the 4th be with Bouldering” competition when the oh-so-handsome, Mike Berlin captures the softer side . . .  of why we climb.

Thanks for these captures, Mike. We love you, amigo 🙂

Seems so long ago . . .

That we were a bunch of climbers pretending to be iron-workers who knew how to build a climbing wall.  We put the call out, our community responded, and here we are.  I still can’t believe how integrated this community is to Gold Crush.  From a garage gym with an envelope by the door for donations, to ski swaps, prepaid annual memberships, and the construction and operation of Gold Crush itself; so many of you built this gym.

I may be the wizard behind the curtain at times, the jester on stage at Reel Rock, or the talking head on Instagram, but I am merely a single bolt of the Gold Crush route.  The Crew of Gold Crush are the people who keep me motivated, keep me on track, and keep the doors open for Nevada County and beyond. Thank you. I love you all.

And to imagine, our small but mighty gym is just getting going.

But before we get going, here’s a throwback
from our Indiegogo construction days . . .
Way back in 2017!

Memberships . . .

We’ve given great consideration to how we will proceed with memberships, and the bottom line is that we can’t do this without you all.  We will process billing on 4/3*.

Our request, for those of you willing and able to hang with us, please consider helping us pull through this thing by continuing as a member. You’ll not only be supporting the business, but a significant portion of our community.

Our commitment, to be the best part of your life.

Whether that’s continuing to provide value through these trying times, or doubling down on events, education, and services, we will absolutely commit to giving you what you want from your climbing & community hub.

From the entirety of the heart of Gold Crush, thank you.

*Membership change requests can be submitted via

From my family to yours
Black and white photo of Desmond and his family members

Final word . . .

I’d like to offer a brief perspective of how you, our members, impact the greater community.

Having worked with kids a fair bit, I’ve had the privilege of seeing kids experiencing climbing for the very first time . . . at Gold Crush!  For some, just another dumb field trip, but for many, it’s a life changing experience.  An experience that may radically alter the trajectory of their life, for the better. Because climbing up a sheer wall is not a “normal” experience.

We spend much of our lives existing on, as we perceive it, a horizontal plane. So when we make that first reach into the vertical realm, our perspectives alter. We feel strength, exhilaration, and fear. We feel accomplishment and a genuine sense of camaraderie through failure, gently exposing us and opening the door to potential life-long friendships, or even love.

There is nothing quite like climbing. In the gym the energy is always high and you can socialize or not and feel zero pressure either way. At first it’s scary climbing in front of others, but then you feel that go away and your confidence grows. You climb outside and it’s centered on trust, preparation, and managing fear.

Climbing pushes us so hard, in so many ways that it’s impossible to not experience personal growth. So just imagine, that whether it’s the kid that keeps laying on the mat, directly below your project, or the full-grown human navigating their place and experience in a new community . . .

. . . it’s your presence as a member of the community of Gold Crush, that creates the experience, and makes all of this possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for supporting Gold Crush.

Yours truly,
Desmond Sandy