Kids Summer Camp 2017

School’s Out For Summer! Time To Climb!!

Join us for our summer camps June – August 2017.

All skill levels welcome. Climbers will be challenged mentally and physically in a safe and fun environment.


June: 14-16 & 21-23

July: 5-7, 12-14, 26-28

August: 2-4

Ages 4-12, 9 am – 12pm, 3 days for $115 (per climber)

Ages 13-18, 1 – 4 pm, 3 days for $115 (per climber)


Contact Desmond at to reserve your spot.

Open House Mar 17-19

Join our Public Access Sessions this weekend March 17-19

Well friends, the time has come. Hopefully it’s what you’ve all been waiting for . . . . we’re opening!!!!!
Come one, come all! We’re very excited to have arrived at this point in time. It’s as if it would never come, but yet, here we are.
The past 8 months have been like none other in our lives and hopefully those who have built with us. From within it feels like the process has taken an incredibly long time, yet, when we lock onto the wall, all memories of exhaustion and pain seem to vanish. Perhaps it’s because the off-the-couch climbing pain is greater, but regardless, we are so excited for our community to join us at Gold Crush Climbing Gym, the mighty monument built by Sierra Nevada Climbing Co-op and it’s fearless members.

What to expect

  • We are a community built, community driven climbing gym. While we pay taxes as an LLC, we operate as a social venture. That is, we seek to combine the best parts of traditional not-for-profits and for-profit models.
  • Some of the unique aspects include all-access hours, playing your own music, democratic representation on the board of directors, and the opportunity to learn how to set your own climbing routes.
  • To make this project sustainable in our small town, members are also asked to contribute to making the gym run. For example, each member is asked to help keep the gym safe and clean, and a crew of committed members will do things like help open the gym to the public. We have also partnered with CRAGS, our local climbing access and advocacy organization to provide not-for-profit youth and low income programming.
  • Gold Crush is small but Mighty! For those of you that have been to any other gym, please expect a more cozy atmosphere. Gold Crush was built by our community, and will always support community.
  • We ask that Furry friends nap at home for now or in the cool, ventilated car with water.
  • For right now, cash and check are preferred, but plastic works too.
  • We have a small selection of #Evolv climbing shoes to rent and a few #blackdiamond harnesses. If you’d like to get any gear or chalk, Mountain Recreation has a good selection to cover the basics.

When you enter Gold Crush, know that you are already part of our community. There are no standards by which to measure, and failure is never a conclusion. Replacing “can’t” with “will” is encouraged, and so is saying “Hello”.

We leave you with an inspiring photo; not of the gym (because we want you to see in person), but of a strapping little chap with a unique style that is absolutely ribbeting.

Welcome to Gold Crush! 🙂

Pre-Sale Ends in March

Hey folks, the current Gold Crush membership pre-sale is about to end!

This is the last chance to lock in a discounted price for a year membership for our first year.

We are selling these year memberships for $550, which is $100 (15%) off of our normal $650 year membership.

The normal price kicks in once we open our doors…. which, by the way, we expect to do in late February. There are still a few things to get ready before that, namely getting the padding ready and stuffed, to fully cover the gym in an inviting, safe landing surface.

Once again, we couldn’t have pulled this off without all of the help from those who’ve bought memberships thus far, as well as our innumerable volunteers! We’ve had a steady cycle of new volunteers coming in every month, taking the workload off of others who’ve been helping since the beginning, and allowing our community gym to open way sooner….
So thank you, thank you, thanks a million, we’re almost there! If you are interested in a discounted year membership, please contact Desmond.