CRAGS Discover Program

Crags Discover Program

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We think it is important for climbing to be an accessible sport to everyone. To advance this goal, CRAGS and Gold Crush Climbing Gym use donations and grant funding to provide lower rates for climbing classes, gym memberships, and day passes to kids, schools, and people of Nevada County who income-qualify.

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If you’re intrigued by climbing but fatigued by finances, we get it.  Many climbers have a reputation for being considered “dirtbags”. While this title seems to be offensive, we actually take pride in the fact that some of us (climbers) are able to pursue our love for adventure and sport, while minimizing the expenses of our modern world through crafty and frugal living.  

If you feel like you can or want to relate to this fun-loving, often frugal community, please check out our Affordable Climbing Application and submit it in person or via email.  

We are so grateful for and excited about our current partnerships and the community that has developed at Gold Crush.  If you are interested in discovering climbing for yourself or an organization you work with, please reach out so we can introduce to you, the vertical realm!

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CRAGS is the Climbing Resource Advocates of Greater Sacramento and is composed of community members looking to protect and expand access to local crags, are guardians of the environment, champions for wildlife, and educators that reach out, teach, and share our passion for climbing.